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About us: We are at your service, since 1995...

Our company is one of the most dominant Hungarian-owned participants on the national industrial and institutional cleaning-technology service market, for more than 15 years. Today, we also have representations in the EU and Eastern Europe. The firm is characterized by a high level of innovative capacity. We steadily develop our product portfolio and technical solutions for the ever-changing market environment, and we strive to use high-tech solutions.

We implement this with a hard-hitting, well-prepared team, which is open for professional development. We serve our partners with high-efficient, proprietary detergents and disinfectant; cost-efficient dosing systems and technical solutions, high-quality devices and cleaning technology services; as well as professional advisory services.

According to our integrated programs we provide a full-range of products and services to our clients by considering their individual needs. Our innovations integrate the latest technologies and the most efficient combination of chemicals. Our product range covers the whole hygiene and cleaning solutions in institutions, restaurants, hospitals, laundries and food industry plants.

Owing to our efforts, our partners honored us with their trust, which we thank hereby as well. Among our industrial clients, we can list several first-line companies of the international food production sector. Furthermore, we are very proud of our success among institutions, as we have won many prestigious hotels, catering chain companies and several public institutions be among our partners.




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home hygiene programs products

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