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Hygiene controlling and measuring devices

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Hygiene controlling and measuring devices

Hungaro Chemicals puts great emphasis on the quality of mixtures (products), and the definition of use solution of mixtures - by the consultant at the client's side and in the laboratory as well. The development laboratory prepares the following activities for all mixtures: - pH measurement - conductivity measurement - use solution definition with titration - preparation of graphs according to conductivity. etc. Our consultants and laboratory are at our partners' disposal in any questions or requests.

Hy – Lite device

Hy-lite 2 is a portable, easy-to-use and fast hygiene measurement device. This device is suitable for regular examination of those hygiene critical points, which may endanger the quality of the food products - before the production and after the disinfection, too. Hy-lite 2 measure adenosine triphosphate (ATP), which is included in every plant and animal material, namely in every food and food-residue, as well as bacteria, fungi and other microorganisms.


pH meter

The device is not portable, it is designed specifically for laboratory use. It guarantees a fast, accurate and reliable measurement result with the help of pH-electrode. On the digital display it is easy to read the value, as well as the temperature. The proper and regular cleaning of the pH-electrode is very important, as well as the permanent storage in KCL solution. Calibration is indicated by a flashing light on the display.

A few seconds after the immersion in the solution, the pH-value and the temperature appear on the display. For greater accuracy, our development laboratory has pH-meters calibrated separately for the acidic and for the alkaline range as well.

Concetration determination (Titration)

Titration is an important chemical analytical technique. The titration process mean the addition of a solution - with a given concentration -to the unknown material, until the indicator fluid show the proper result.

Using this test, we can calculate the unknown material's quantity according to the volume of the lost solution. Hungaro Chemicals made this titration test for all of its products to define their concentration. The test can be done in the laboratory, and at the partners' side by the consultants as well.

The determination is easy, fast and owing to the step-by-step description it is easy to use. The necessary tools and chemicals are available in the development laboratory, for the consultants and partners, too.

Conductivity meter

It is a portable, manual device for conductivity measurement. It allows fast and accurate measurement. The measurement result is readable on the digital display. The device indicates the accurate temperature as well. The devices are suitable for temperature compensation adjustment. Calibration is indicated by a flashing light on the display.

The calibration is done by the development laboratory. A few seconds after the immersion in the solution, the conductivity-value and the temperature appear on the display. The proper and regular cleaning, and the proper storage of the electrode is very important for the accurate measurement. The Hungaro Chemicals considers the application when preparing the conductivity graphs of the mixtures.

pH paper

Universal indicator paper in plastic dispenser, which includes 100 test strips. It measures the pH between 1 and 14. The definition of the result is very easy, as only the color of the immersed test strip has to be compared to the color scale on the plastic dispenser.

The original pH-scale extend from 1 to 14 - in case of aqueous solutions - where the absolute neutral solution has a pH of 7, the 0-7 range indicates the acidic and the 7-14 range the alkaline solutions.




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