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We continuously train our specialists to be able to find the best solutions for our partners. After a careful analysis of the partners' activity, our consultants develop a hygiene technology, which takes into account the size and scope of their business, their budget constraints, staff qualifications and facility's organizational structure. Either they ask us to find solution for one given area, or for a complex hygiene problem, our goal is to offer a composition of products, systems and services to our customers, which exceeds their specific needs. Our skilled colleagues help partners in their own environment to learn the safe use of our products and equipments. We provide multilingual training materials, product guides and material safety data sheets to ease the appropriate utilization and compliance with standards in their job.

Our services include:

  • The design of the optimal technology for the arising hygiene problems.
  • The introduction and training of the accepted technology for the users.
  • All the necessary equipment, tools and chemicals.
  • The proper guides, product brochures and product user's manuals, wall plates, booklets, hygiene plans, material safety data sheets, etc.
  • The continuous and professional control and revision of the provided technology system.
  • The continuous contact with the Client, to solve the problems occuring during the operation, and the arising new hygiene tasks.
  • Cost monitoring and reporting service to the company's management.



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home hygiene programs products

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